Ah a chance to speak about my hero

Words cannot say just how wonderful my ardent hero is. It just seems pointless to try to explain why this one is so special and dear to me. Foremost problem is that he would have taken a chance on me when so many wouldn’t. Hardly a person passes by to notice me back in the day this has been a continuing ever since. A shy person too short to be seen yet this man saw me standing all by myself.

To think if it weren’t for him don’t think to this very day I would still be here. I had gotten lost in the hills, so far off were I couldn’t find my bearings. Running out of food, shelter and precious life-giving water. So cold was it out there and the barren desolate hills. So dry rocks crumbled in my hands into a cornmeal texture. Everything that was touched crumbled. Birds that swarmed were big and scary not your friendly pretty little ones or the majestic eagles and falcon these were carnivorous  vultures.  Zeroing in on their prize made from me.

And then it came in softly slowly this voice leading me on, gentlest voice have I ever heard. Singing the finest tune of a piper, stringing me closer and closer. Fear did not follow had only from behind when every a peak over the shoulder happened so I stopped for a time in doing that. I still have to remember to not be doing that bad habits are hard to break. I walked for a while it was an immeasurable amount of distance between me and him who was coming up over the ridge. Chuckled for a spell looking like this dank desert had been transformed into the holy land. Needed precious water I made my feet move forward, not like I had a choice needed to be rescued and didn’t care who was doing the rescuing either but that song he was humming was so sweet in drawing me closer and closer. It moved into the heart filling this void like no other. Sometimes I really wish I could return to that time just to feel that moment when I set eyes on my hero. When I couldn’t get the attention of another soul in a large gathering this one person left his group and helped me back from this land that had shaped itself into dispar.

What did my hero look like coming up over that ridge?

“He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him,
nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him.” Isaiah 53:2

Yes it was the one who took up his cross so that I may be saved. Our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ

I may have trouble understanding all that he has done and why for someone such as me who can’t comprehend much of anything it doesn’t make him less of a hero to me if anything he is what makes up a hero. Imagine giving up your life so save sinful people like this lamb.




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