Lamb got her nose in deep, might explain the rod coming my way

It’s true you are looking at a yesterday’s lamb pic. Those eyes on this baby lamb, I couldn’t help myself, this one is way too cute and there’s a chance it could become my new logo.

In so much as you’re going to rapidly pick up on the fact that my departure for normalville was short lived, this train will be heading along the tracks of the lamb’s again and maybe this time there will  more dignity. I would like it if you would climb aboard and see where this train is going. My conductor has the controls so there is no fear to be had.

Maybe there’s a couple who are wondering about my yesterday’s deal. See I was awaken in small wee  hours of the night by a spark well I thought it was but the in the end it was a tingle but by some deranged reason  and it should be a crime to use “poem” to describe the outcome of this endeavor; which in my insanity had disturbed a lamb’s restless slumbering.  Admittedly the exercise was needed and favorable use for so many of my circumstances.

There was one, and it will be a while before I try that manuever again. Let’s kick that back to be rephrased – I will continue to try poetry, this lamb needs to use words more effectively than she has but will not afflict others in reading them. Then the  writing was a good lesson by stretching these muscles which are not overused enough for deep thinking on subjects of more relevance than worries.

A second form of therapy it bestowed for this lamb by bringing my attention away from what it was focused on to another place in a project. This move proved to be more beneficial than the rocks my eyes were hitting at the bottom.  My problem hasn’t been resolved as of yet; which involves a  yearning to be there for my son. In these days that have gone by spent time thanking the Lord for Stef having such good friends who are caring for him, just doesn’t seem right that he isn’t receiving care by this mother.

Really don’t want to keep sticking my nose in places of pity, because the Shepherd will grow weary and pull out that rod at his side. Even Stef who is in the throngs of woes is challenging his mother lamb through instructions. Twice he has said through caustic fatigue “to just look at the now and let the rest fall where it may otherwise it would destroy ” He said this was his way of not worrying about keeping his business rolling along. Stef is the owner and operator, so no production is happening for and he isn’t going to stress over the bills either. He furthers my education through more enlightenment that worrying wouldn’t pay them any faster. Think he knows a thing from it having been only 2 months and 3 weeks of his deer entanglement. He won then and think he will win again over the SUV.

While I did my usual dance with rethinking and rehashing and and mauled over his pics he threw up on Facebook ( I will not stick them up here because they are brutal) I scurdied away afraid that rod would really be taken out this time, saw that his friends are still coming up with names to give his new body.  Frankenstef so far still fits best with all the staples and rods and Lord know how many screws holding him together. His friends are kind in bathing him with complements that scars make for an attractive man. I switched gears it was getting to me though I knew better and went back to that so-called poem and my title of being normal and it being about time.

On the surface it did make my site more of the norm for the subject matter and one was kind enough in saying it was refreshing,  unfortunately haven’t replied to that. Better get on the ball. It was my toddler who has a nasty and messing head cold that’s keeping me and the tissue box pretty busy. Returning to the subject, the  matter was for this lamb refreshing as it was, this didn’t feel comfortable later on. Don’t know if it could be explained in any other way by this lamb but the wool just wasn’t right. Think I had slipped inside a different animals hide,  kind a nice being taller and you have no idea on how much I long for height I was clumsy once inside it. 

Then there was this part which wasn’t spoken about and for far too long of time I was stingy about revealing who I am. Being accepted for this lamb was just too important and it didn’t happen regardless of the efforts made. So I assume the failure was it was a false front and it wasn’t me. While the knowledge floats by saying that this lamb needs growth and confidence building but I don’t think covering up is the answer.

My undertaking of the poem may have been a way of side tracking tiring thoughts, also believed it would bring more traffic in. Isn’t that the reason our hidden wish that when that publish  button is hit that we would become the host of the party?

In a manner of speaking this lamb wants to be, always forgetting that this lamb needs to be humbling thyself at the feet of the Lord. With only a heart that wants to worship something far more important than everything we could ever dream up.

Our Lord is the one we need to sing praises for and bask in His glory for affections and not be striving for earthy prizes. In return for offering our silly broken hearts,  the Lord he takes over all of those problems that have been proven time and again that we cannot resolve.

Here’s some written words that won’t fail, because they are not the lambs words.

Psalm 6

1 Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger

or discipline me in your wrath.

2 Have mercy on me, Lord, for I am faint;

heal me, Lord, for my bones are in agony.

3 My soul is in deep anguish.

How long, Lord, how long?

4 Turn, Lord, and deliver me;

save me because of your unfailing love.

5 Among the dead no one proclaims your name.

Who praises you from the grave?

6 I am worn out from my groaning.

All night long I flood my bed with weeping

and drench my couch with tears.

7 My eyes grow weak with sorrow;

they fail because of all my foes.

8 Away from me, all you who do evil,

    for the Lord has heard my weeping.

9 The Lord has heard my cry for mercy;

    the Lord accepts my prayer. 1

0 All my enemies will be overwhelmed with shame and anguish;

    they will turn back and suddenly be put to shame.

   Okay I quess I am sticking with my lamb just too many cute ones out there

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